What is Wix?

Wix* is a cloud-based web development platform. It is designed to be all-inclusive and easy to use, and great for DIY websites. It is easy because it uses “drag and drop” to build a website. It even has a smart little robot that will build much of your site for you based on a few questions (in my experience the robot is a good place to start, but you will beed to take over manual control when its done to give it your finishing touches). There are several similar website platforms kicking around, but Wix is my pick for authors who want to leave the complications of WordPress behind.

What’s included

By all-inclusive, I mean that Wix provides everything you will need–no more bouncing around scrambling to find all the different components you need to keep your website going. Wix has it all.

  • an easy way to design your website
  • domain name provided (if you choose)
  • fast, secure hosting
  • your mailing list
  • lots of free quality graphics and images
  • a basic SEO wizard
  • and a ton of extra features and apps that will fill pretty much any need you could possibly dream up for your website

Don’t designers hate Wix?

Many web designers have very little in the way of positive things to say about a web design service like Wix. There are reasons for this, but they may not always be reasons that affect you and your website. And some of these reasons are history. For example Wix used to use Flash ( a type of software), which earned it a bad rep with designers, but they have since cleaned up their act and stopped using it. But designers have long memories and they can hold a grudge when their design sensibilities have been offended. (Send a designer an email using the comic sans font and you will see it for yourself).

Deciding if Wix is for you

My first recommendation is always WordPress, but WordPress has it’s issues–it can be complicated and it can be intimidating. As a designer part of my job is to listen to what people want and need. If designers ignore the path of least resistance, people will find them anyway. So I have made Wix design part of what I offer.

Weigh the pros and the cons to determine if Wix could work for you.

The Pros

  • fast, simple, easy – everything you need all in one place
  • secure – https is becoming the standard on the web and this is provided free with your Wix site, no set up required
  • drag and drop; you can move anything anywhere on your page – it’s a lot like image editing
  • it just works, and if it doesn’t they have a support team that responds quickly and will often go in and fix things for you – for free
  • easy to manage all by yourself, even if you don’t know much about web design

The Cons

  • biggest con for me is the price, it’s manageable (and reasonable considering everything you get for the price) if you have one website, but gets difficult for those with multiple sites
  • more complicated design will slow things down and require more knowledge – just like WordPress, so the fast and easy benefit only goes so far
  • DIY is both a pro and a con – if you aren’t a designer your site will have design flaws no matter how easy it is to DIY (just because a hammer is easy to use, doesn’t mean you can build a good house without professional help)
  • Not really a con since Wix has all the basic SEO essentials and it plays nice with Google, but it may not work as well with other search engines and it may not be as prime and ideal in SEO capabilities as WordPress.

SEO is the biggest road block to Wix being fully accepted by the web design community. But Wix SEO still works, and is constantly improving, so whether this is a pro or a con is really up to you.

The bottom line for an author website

In my opinion, a simple author website will do just fine on Wix. You aren’t a lawn cutting service that depends on customers finding you “first in the phone book” so SEO issues aren’t going to make or break you. People don’t generally find new books to read by using a search engine. All you need is a presence, a home base for your fans to find you.

If you think Wix is for you then go get your Wix website* and get started.

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Wrap up: To DIY or not to DIY

It is a fact that 99.9% of all DIY websites look like they are DIY. There is inevitably some error in judgement and design that will stick out like a sore thumb, no matter what platform you use to build your site.

A designer brings experience and skill

Just because you can build your own website, doesn’t mean you should. A bad user experience will drive people away before they even have a chance to check out your books. Check out some examples of my work to see what I could do for you.