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As an author just starting out in both traditional and indie publishing, I knew that I had to master social media. I’m reasonably tech-savvy, but what writer has time to learn so many different programs and websites? I didn’t want to take classes, which always start at square one, more basic than I need, and are not geared toward authors. I’m so glad I met Amanda! She’s a writer, too, so she understands where I’m coming from, and she tailored my private lessons perfectly, starting right at my level and teaching me exactly what I need to know. She’s an excellent, efficient teacher, and a lot of fun, too. I have a lot more to learn in the realm of social media, and I will always hire Amanda, because she saves me so much time and frustration with her personalized sessions.

Pamela Beason

Author of Mystery & Suspense

As a co-owner of The North Fork Brewery and Board President of the Whatcom Humane Society, I have little time or  interest in on line tutorials and formal computer classes. Amanda identified my concerns, assessed my level of understanding and formulated a plan to meet my project goals all within budget and under timeline…..painlessly!  Thanks Amanda for your infinite patience and continued support.

Victoria Savage

Whatcom Humane Society

For several years, multiple social media sites challenged me. I hoped mastering the learning curve and the frustration would decrease.  I loved the social connections but knew I would eventually enjoy  sharing the news of a published manuscript.  I already enjoyed promoting fellow authors. When the time came, I wanted to be able to concentrate on my own revisions, marketing etc., having already passed the hurdles of social media. Niggling questions, not understanding the terminology, etc., frustrated me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, including the possible benefits of Goodreads and LinkedIn.  Blogging? Amanda let me take the lead on my laptop, and she answered my questions, plus solved each problem as it came up. She added a layer of understanding that eased the social media process considerably. Second only to the time I paid to have a consultant come to the house and help me convert form PC to MAC, it is the best money I’ve spent to cut learning time, decrease frustration,  and add efficiency to my computer life! Thank you Amanda!

Marion Spicher

Writer & Poet

I’m a total novice with social media and my meetings with Amanda were pleasant and non-stressful.  She never once ridiculed my questions. Throughout, she was encouraging and when I had additional questions, after I met with her and began implementing her suggestions, she was happy to clarify.

Kate Vate

Author of Women's Fiction

Amanda helped me with blogging in a clear way for “techo-peasants” like me!! Using a step-by-step method and charging a low fee, it doesn’t get any better for learning hands-on stuff!

Victoria McGuinness

Bellingham Play Therapy

Amanda is a priceless resource if “social media” strikes terror in your writer’s shy and quiet heart. Her tutoring is the best help I’ve found to learn the myriad online scheme of things, and taking better charge of how they can further my writing goals. She works with me at my pace. She answers questions directly and clearly and demonstrates the strategies she recommends. 5 stars.

Jennifer Wilke

Edwin Lybarger's Civil War

Amanda has been a tremendous resource for marketing. She has incredible creativity, patience and a great sense of humor! Most of all I trust her because she really listens, synthesizes information quickly and never made me feel stupid because I didn’t understand something – especially navigating the world of social marketing. Amanda is a priceless resource and always a pleasure to work with.

Margaret Chester

Author of Chocolate Yoga

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I’m so lucky to have discovered a wonderful new talent and new resident of Bellingham – Amanda June Hagarty. Amanda heard about the new magazine I am launching, and she listened to my vision for it, then went and created the perfect matching website, She had the site built and live within 72 hours. She then built a new site for my current magazine. Amanda listens, and she communicates well. I can’t rave enough about the services she provides at extremely fair and reasonable rates. Run, run, run, to use her if you want your business to operate online.

Jim Lengell

Team Publishing

Amanda Hagarty is terrific. She’s helped me with the tech aspects of social media, most recently with my Author site on Facebook and my blog.  She’s affordable and kindly, which is important since none of this stuff is intuitive to me and I’ve asked her some really dumb questions. Next she’ll help with my website, which is currently “static” — nicely designed but not one I can update on my own. She’ll transfer the info into a “wordpress website” that I can manage myself (with some hand holding).  I highly recommend her.

Rae Ellen Lee

Writer of tall tales, some of them true

Thanks to Amanda, I am now blogging on my own website,, and am able to see how many people are reading the weekly entries about my novel writing and caregiving life.  And I can link it to Facebook so that people know that I’ve posted something, when, and how to find it.  This is a big boost to me in finding my readers, and I’m looking forward to learning more and connecting with more and more people who want to read my work.  Learning more about how to use the website, and having Amanda to consult when there are little glitches has been well worth the expense (which has been vastly reasonable.)

Alice T. Robb

Novelist, Riverchild Books