Services to give you more time for important things.

Website Design

  • WordPress, Wix, and more
  • Specializing in author pages
  • Fast, Simple, Functional
  • Lessons for self-sufficiency

Marketing & Social

  • Posts, graphics, content
  • Planning & strategy
  • Increasing reach
  • Creating a brand

Lessons & Support

  • Website & mail list management
  • Media & profile management
  • Special projects
  • Clear your back burner!

Your own personal assistant
Giving you more time to write

Web Design

All roads lead to your website.

Your website is the hub where all of your social media profiles and ads will direct traffic.

I can help you design and manage this important foundation of your marketing platform.

Top website priorities


An outdated website gives visitors the impression it has been abandoned or neglected. I update sites to today’s styles.


A good looking website can only take you so far. I target specific goal for each page, and design the content to achieve that goal.


You don’t want to have to depend on someone for every little change. I teach you how to manage your own page to save you money.


SEO isn’t complicated. I tweak your website to make it more search-friendly, increasing reach, and teach you the secrets of SEO.


Marketing is the psychology of capturing attention. I design pages to have impact and do more than just provide information.


High-quality graphics will give you a captivating and impressive website. I create the graphics you need, and stay within your budget.

Marketing & Social Media


Social media in the channel where you deliver your message and generate inbound traffic for your website. Advertising is one way to reach your audience, but engagement is far more powerful.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

I can help you use your social media more effectively.


Guidance for your first Tweet or Facebook Page.


Sometimes you just need a post monkey.


Fresh content made to order to keep your blog relevant.


Advice, brainstorming, ideas, and planning.


Hashtags and strategies that widen your audience.


Creating a recognizable author brand.

Support Features

Lighten your Load.

How many back-burner projects do you have simmering right now? Running an author’s business is a full time job–but so is writing. Something’s gotta give.

What can I do for you?

Facebook Page

Have you set up your page properly? Have you added your books as products? There are lots of components to your Facebook page you may be missing. After that I can also help craft and schedule posts around specific events, and more.

Mailing List

I can help you set up your mailing list properly, brainstorm content, produce content, generate more signn ups, and design emails. You don’t ever have to touch your mailing list again…or you can choose which parts for me to manage.

Posting Content

We’ll make a great team. You create the articles or posts in Word, and I post them on your blog, and social media. I can create a queue of timely, scheduled posts, or post as you produce. Either way I will save you time. I can also create content.

Graphic Design

I am more of a dabbler than a professional graphic designer, but I understand key concepts of design from a marketing angle. I know how to create an image for a header or an ad, that will stand out and get your message across.

And more.

Whatever you need, I am here to help. I have a wide range of experience and knowledge helping authors create a platform and build an audience.