Price Options




If you are not ready for a subscription, your project is too small, or you just want a quick lesson.




If you are not ready for a subscription but you don’t want to write a check for every little meeting.



to $600

Every website project is different. The end cost will depend on how involved your needs are.



to $600

Wix is easy to DIY, but can always benefit from a professional eye.
Why Wix?

*Unless prior arrangements are made, support pack hours expire after 1 year.

Subscription Plans

Subscriptions offer you the convenience of having author support an email or phone call away. Question about your website? Need someone to set up a series of posts promoting an upcoming event? I’ve got you covered when you sign up for one of my subscription plans (plus, you get a bit of a discount from my hourly rates).

Major Support

  • Social media help
  • Website help
  • Marketing support
  • Lessons
  • Up to 6hrs* of support per month

* Hours do not roll over. Prices based on virtual support. Discounted rates are for ongoing subscriptions only.

Add-on 1-Month Extra Support Booster

For those months when you need to boost your level of support, you can add time to the clock by purchasing the support booster for $75, which gives up to 3 hours of extra support.

Think I deserve a bonus? Your tips are welcome, with much gratitude!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with EVERYTHING author related?

I am willing to give just about anything a try, but keep in mind that I can’t possibly know everything about everything. I will have more experience with some things than others, but I am confident in my ability to pick up new things quickly. I may recommend you seek out someone who specializes in what you need if I sense that it will me a much bigger project than I manage.

Can you help me with my computer ?

Did you try clearing your cache? Restarting? Did you Google the problem? This is basically the extent to which I can help you with your computer. I am not a computer tech. I usually recommend people seek out a teenage niece or nephew or grandkid to answer computer questions. I mostly work with Macs, which means I have been spoiled by computers that work.

I am not an author, can you still help me?

I prefer to work with authors. But I am pretty cool, so I understand why everybody wants to work with me. If I can’t help, I can recommend you to one of the best teams in Bellingham that cover all the bases for businesses–SEO, marketing, advertising, social media and web design. Tell more about your project.

What is your refund policy?

I have a 30-day, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the work I have done for you, then simply send me an email saying you are not happy, no explanation necessary, and ask for a refund. I will refund payments made within 30 days, or tear up your invoice. My goal is always to help, but I may not always be the right person for every project.