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I can teach you just about anything related to the Internet–blogs, websites, email lists, social media. I am an author first, but I have a lifetime of experience in sales and marketing. Because I know what I need to do for myself as an author, I know what you need better than most.

I teach in person within the Bellingham, WA vicinity but I can also teach virtually with e-mails, video chats, and screen sharing.


Initial 1hr consult or lesson – $50
Subsequent 1hr lessons – $30

Or pay for a lesson pack – 6hrs for $150

Add 4.5% for PayPal.

Phone – 360-602-1552
E-mail –

Call or e-mail to book a lesson.

I will need to know:

  • What is your website/blog URL?
  • What social media accounts do you already have (including: Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)?
  • What activities you do and how often?
  • What you want to accomplish with your lesson?

My teaching goals:

You know you need to learn this social media stuff, but you don’t know where to start. You know you are missing out on a huge opportunity, but you can’t seem to overcome the hurdles. It’s embarrassing and frustrating.

I want you to know:

  1. You are not the only one who feels like this.
  2. It is not as easy as people make it out to be.
  3. You can learn it.
My goal is for you to gain an understanding of Social Media and how to promote and market with skill and knowledge, rather than blindly, and without feeling like you are annoying people. My goal is to for the Internet to not be this giant missed opportunity for you.

How to get the most out of your lessons:

  • Don’t come to the lesson with the goal of learning everything all at once; you will get more from it if we can focus on something specific.
  • Your lesson will be tailored to your unique needs and level. Let me know what you are doing, what results you are getting and what results you would like to get. Give me a solid place to start by telling me the one thing that you would like to do most and first.

Set up your Lesson Today:

Phone – 360-602-1552
E-mail –