Website/Blog – Made Simple

Website & Blog: design, redesign, or conversion to wordpress- $500


  • Website/blog constructed with WordPress with a few broad and general guidelines from you
  • Up to seven pages: Home, About, Contact, Blog, My Books, Press Kit, Reviews (These are flexible to suit your particular needs, more than seven pages may incur additional fees)
  • A powerful, fantastic and adaptable theme of my choosing (if you must choose the theme this will cost more and may limit what I can do with your site), setup with a color scheme and graphics of your choosing.
  • A few handy plugins (for WordPress extras, SEO and Social Media, etc.) installed and set up
  • A lesson on wordpress and quick tour of your management tools
  • Note: Your webhost really needs to be either GoDaddy or Host Gator (yes these are affiliate links on which I will earn a small commission if you purchase services after clicking them, but there are some shady and down right dastardly web hosts out there, and I know I can trust these guys to give you a good price, good service, and not do anything that could mess up your website). I may charge more if you choose a different host, simply because some hosts make my job more difficult.
  • As always I am available via e-mail to my previous clients for quick questions and help. If it is more than just quick stuff you can also enlist my help for a small fee of $25-50.

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