Since the topic of todays blog post is how authors can use videos in the marketing and promotion of book and author websites, I decided to make a Vlog post instead.

The first thing authors think of when they think of how to use videos, is book trailers. Unfortunately most book trailers that authors “DIY” don’t provide much benefit beyond a sense of accomplishment, because they do not fulfill the basic purposes of video in marketing: engagement, interaction, personality, credibility. Watch the video below as I discuss what you gain from video and way you can use it in your marketing without resorting to book trailers.

Take away points:

 5 ways using videos can benefit authors:

  1. Engagement
  2. Sense of Interaction
  3. Make it more personal
  4. Lend credibility
  5. Show Personality

5 better ways to use videos than book trailers:

  1. Book cover slideshows
  2. Video descriptions of books and “about the author”
  3. Vlogging
  4. Fun Stuff
  5. Invite reader videos

PS – I am a marketer not a video editor! And I am a bit of a blabber mouth…so apologies for my hacksaw editing and the length of the video. LOL