Ok I have been coming up with these Golden Rules for a while. My passions are writing, marketing, sales and social media. So I have come up with quite a few snippets of wisdom over the years. I did a talk about social media for authors at the Skagit Valley Writers League recently  and I found myself saying frequently: “Ok, here is another one of my Golden Rules.” I realized, although you can find these scattered among various blog articles on my site, I don’t have them gathered up into one neat and tidy place. I also think I may be missing a few, because I tend to remember them in the moment as I teach and trying to recall them in list form is not as easy as I thought it would be. So, if I remember more I will add them here as they come to me.

Amanda’s Golden Rules of social media and marketing for authors:

  1. Use social media for its intended purpose!
  2. All roads lead to your website!
  3. Know, Like, Trust: the trifecta of sales and marketing perfection. Sales is about being able to make that know, like, trust connection with people in the two minutes you have their attention.
  4. Stealth promotion, not self promotion. To give = to receive.
  5. Social media is not the most important thing you do in your day, don’t make it the first thing you do.
  6. Your blog’s primary purpose in life is not to be read but to create fresh content for Google robots.
  7. Your content will make your site valuable to others, but your Call to Action makes your site valuable to you. Understand this above all else.
  8. Put your most valued Call to Action (the one thing you want people to do when they visit your website) in the prime real estate of your website (upper left).
  9. Know how to find your audience; know how to target your audience. When you look for people to interact with on social media, look for your audience!
  10. Make a complete profile (including pic, bio, link to your website) on as many social media as you can (hit all the majors; don’t forget forums and boards). Then find one or two you like and enjoy and focus all your time and energy there. Become a part of the community, make connections with people.

Addendums to the Golden Rules (cuz I just remembered another of my oft quoted nuggets of wisdom)

11. The best way to get someone’s attention is to give them your attention.